Hey, Champ

My name is Reed Wacker. I am a designer based in Seattle, Washington. I have expertise in and care about accessibility, branding, and design systems. I have been described as a creative, hybrid, prototype, front-end, UX feller. He is the guy you’re looking for – just a great, creative, standup dude. Below, you can find case studies of recent projects.

Good Swim

Make designs that we can be proud of. Create a lifestyle brand influenced by California and Hawaii coastal communities.

Project lead, design lead, branding

Seattle Colleges

Show a much more coherent visual identity to enhance image and reputation. Offer a dynamic and accessible website that works well on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

Design lead, visual design, UX

Program Pathways

Create a holistic and intuitive system that offers a device-agnostic approach for Seattle Central, North Seattle, and South Seattle College students to navigate more than 130 programs, degrees, and certificates.

Design lead, UI, UX

Design System

Renew the user experience at Seattle Central, North Seattle, and South Seattle College from the ground up.

Design lead, branding, components library

Stories of Impact

Design a story-driven, responsive website, emphasizing impactful life-changing stories of students to help feature the Seattle Central College life experience.

Design lead, content design, UX

Early Work

Start a professional career in web design, and provide a track record as a dependable designer that is a flexible, quick learner.

Project lead, branding, UI


Reed is one of the most creative designers I have worked with. His designs are always spot on with the times. He has a great work ethic, and needs very minimal direction to get the creative process going...Reed is Johnny-on-the-spot, he builds stuff fast and it looks good...Thank you again for helping us puzzle through all this. We definitely think the button approach is best...Looks great, thank you!...You were the linchpin for the new website...Reed is a gem...This looks great!...So fast...You're the best!....Thanks for helping me think this through...Site looks legit!...Awesome, muchas thanks Reed...What a beautiful difference!! 🙂 Thnx! LOVE this...Beautiful. Thank you...Your stuff is always super clean...Hey Bub, I just had a chance to peruse your portfolio. It looks great!!! Reed has the prettiest looking shot out of all of us by far...Reed is the ride or die teammate...Super fast!!!! Thanks!!! I’m just so astonished and grateful at how quickly, and how well, this has come together. Thank you!...We’re grateful for all your quick-turnaround, high-quality help in updating the website. Thank you!...I like it as is! Tell Reed he does awesome work! That's pretty awesome! I love it! Agreed! I like it...Cool logos...I LOVE what you’re doing with this...🙌 😍 🔥