Beach Supply
& Design

How we designed and curated a tiny beach brand.

  • Classic Honolulu Paris square
  • Honolulu Paris label
  • Sunrise Crew
  • Laying Low Flying High
  • Honolulu Paris forest green beanie
  • Sunrise Crew red and white

My wife and I design and make things together. West coast beach life inspired casual wear.

The challenge

To design clothes that not only we would wear. Gradually build a loyal audience. And drive traffic to our online shop.

Have a Good Swim
Good Swim

Sundays are usually for relaxing at home and sketching some new ideas. We draw inspiration from surf trips or music and other things we grew up with.

The goal

To develop a working relationship so that we could collaborate and build the brand together with a unified vision. Develop roles, split up responsibilities and make something we care about together and be happy. Do more surf trips.

Honolulu Paris crewneck left pocket and full front

Our designs and aesthetic are inspired by west coast beach life and specifically by the iconic beaches and surf culture communities of Hawaii and California.

The outcome

This experiment to see if we could enjoy working together and make stuff we love has been a success. We learned a raftload through trial and error. Val has built up our Instagram and I think curated as good as any (most of our shop traffic is from our feed).

Honolulu Paris Instagram posts

We like to collaborate in different mediums and challenge ourselves to new experiences. We surf with family and friends, travel and make stuff.

  • Drawing at home
    Drawing at home
  • Val in Malibu
    Val in Malibu
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Moana Surfrider
    Moana Surfrider
  • Lei
    At home
  • Val near Diamondhead
    Near Diamondhead